Facts, answers & questions

We created Bug Magic using all-natural plant-based ingredients for health & safety reasons both for us and for our animals. Although using chemicals in our formulation could result in a longer residual, we specifically chose to omit these chemicals with the knowledge that our product would need to be reapplied after 2-3 hours. While we've gotten reports of Bug Magic efficacy in the 4-5 hour range from our customers, we know there are many variables (insect type, inadvertent attractants, sweat, dust, wind, heat, sunlight exposure, water temperature, etc.) that affect efficacy time, which is why we maintain our recommendation of reapplying every 2-3 hours.

Yes we do! We have programs for retail stores, retail distributors and reselling professionals such as veterinarians or farriers. Contact us today to learn more.

Bug Magic was originally made in our kitchen, using our food blenders, mixers, pots, pans & cutting boards. Bug Magic is made of all-natural plant-based ingredients but please do not intentionally drink or otherwise ingest Bug Magic.

Flying insects seem to be our specialty as our customers have reported success with mosquitos, flies, whitefly, bees, wasps, hornets, fireflies, and moths. We've also heard that ticks fall off within a few minutes and that they are loathe to return. It was reported that ants appear to be thwarted for a short period of time but spiders (arachnids) are generally unaffected.