How We Started...

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Meet Cosmo (our rescue chiweenie), Gunner and Shotgun.  These fuzzy family members of ours lead happy and active lives.  Shotgun (the tall handsome gelding on the right) has always been especially sensitive to bugs. 

This year we decided we'd had enough of the traditional chemical sprays which seemed to get into everyone's eyes, nose, mouth, and sometimes feed.  We tried some organic options but felt that the concentrations and oil/water separation problems made them unreliable.  So, we embarked on a fun little R&D project to help protect our pals from bugs.  We wanted to build the best possible bug repellent we could, using all certified organic, all-natural, vegan, kid- and pet/livestock-safe ingredients. 
Our result was Bug Magic!  We hope you, your family & friends, and yes, YOUR furry pals, enjoy the results of our efforts.


Come Visit Us...

Headquarters: 1060 La Mirada Court, Vista, CA 92081


call: 760.330.5378


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