Bug Magic™ 16 ounce sprayer starter kit
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Bug Magic™ 16 ounce sprayer starter kit

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This 16 ounce refillable sprayer is designed to be filled with a 1.5oz Bug Magic Super-Concentrate plus 14.5oz water to prepare a ready-to-use spray.  The bottle is shipped empty to eliminate transportation-related costs, to save you money on shipping, and to reduce unnecessary transportation-related CO2 emissions.  Each starter kit includes one sprayer and one 1.5oz Bug Magic Super Concentrate -- everything you need to stop bugs.  Measuring only 9.5 inches tall, our sprayers also feature a lock, perfect for your purse, backpack or picnic baskets.  Empty, they're transportable on a plane and since your Bug Magic Super-Concentrate is only 1.5 ounces, you can carry it in your pocket just about anywhere.