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Bug Magic 32 ounce sprayer starter kit
Bug Magic Super Concentrate
8-Pack Bug Magic Super Concentrate Box (makes 2 gallons)
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Bug Magic Retail 12 Pack
Bug Magic Super-Concentrate 24 Pack

Bug Magic Naturals


We camp a lot and hike! Bug Magic is just that! Magic!!! Keeps the little pesty guys away and we get to enjoy our trips! I forgot my Bug Magic on a recent trip to Idaho and I was “eatin” alive! Don’t leave home without it! Plus bonus—- it smells amazing unlike other pest deterrent products I have used. And last but most important to me—- all natural!!

Sonya S.


This is the best Fly Spray and it’s all natural! It works better then any other fly spray I’ve ever used. Smells great and doesn’t give anybody I know headaches. I always get headaches from the natural sprays. I would 100% recommend this fly spray for horses, surfaces and I even use it on myself!

Acr A.



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